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Web Links - Akhenaten, Moses, Oedipus and So on...

A subsection of the Amarna Web Links

Immanual Velikovsky proposed that Akhenaten was actually the historical identity of Oedipus in his book Oedipus and Akhenaten.  Around the same time, Freud in Moses and Monotheism proposed a meeting between Akhenaten and Moses, who may have been a noble in Akhenaten's court.  Others have suggested he met various biblical figures and the mutual influence resulted in the cult of the Aten, or in some of the foundations of Christianity.  This isn't my primary area of interest, so I leave these links to you to investigate further.  Please let me know if I've mislabelled or misled.

Akhenaten's Role in Biblical History and his proposed alter ego, Moses:

A huge site devoted to the theory that Akhnaton was also Oedipus and Moses. Now also a discussion group.

"This site features avant guarde research in the area of the Amarna Period in Egypt and its relation to the birth of Israel."

A look at Akhenaten's place in Biblical history.

Another look at Amarna's relation to Biblical history.

Akhnaten and Moses?  The same man?

More about Moses and Akhenaten

Was Akhenaten's reform really the Dawn of Monotheism?

I'm not sure.  Someone help me out - what is this?

This from Earthlore Explorations, it's sparse but mystical, and deals with Akhnaton's alter egoes, Oedipus and Moses.

Akhenaten as Cult Founder and Past Incarnation of Many People:

The Pharaoh must have been a web-designer ahead of his time.  Half of all people who own internet sites were Akhenaten in a past incarnation.  If not that, then he at the very least founded the cult of which they are a member.

The Rosicrucian Order traces its history to Akhenaten, who was purportedly a founding member, and whose religious reforms were a part of the beginning of the Rosicrucians.

The Web Page of Akhenaten returned from the dead, as far as I can tell.

This page starts with a historical introduction, but the interesting part is the images of the author in her pyramid and past life regression sessions and their similarities to the Pharaoh.

Was Akhenaten a product of the influences of the Brotherhood of Light?  Are these two sites unaware of each other?  The second boasts a "Temple of Akhenaten," a member of the Messengers of Light.

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