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Fun Links!

A subsection of the Amarna Web Links

  What can I say?

  • Online Exhibition is Extensive, Interactive

    If you can't make it to the Pharaohs of the Sun exhibition, at least don't miss the exhibition website. It is extensive, featuring interactive games and exploration tools, movies, and many many high quality pictures. I have to admit I enjoyed the Talatat puzzle, and the "test your eye" quiz for the Amarna art style (try to guess who and what the pieces are, as they tell you afterwards what dynasty they're from and so on). And they have a large number of pictures of exhibition pieces. It's a lot of fun! You have to explore quite a bit to unearth all the goodies.

  • The Akhet-Aten Postcard Rack

    Now you can send email postcards of your favourite Amarna pieces!

  • Obelisk
  • CD-ROM adventure set in the time of Akhenaten (as far as I can tell)! I find navigating this site somewhat confusing. Another page that seems relevant is here. And here?

  • Support Akhenaten!
  • He needs us now!

  • The Amarna Company

    Visit the newest quiz on the net, part of the just-beginning website The Reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten which will put up original translated texts from the Amarna period online! Watch for it!

  • Amarna According to the Kids

I thought you guys might enjoy a few efforts of our up-and-coming Amarna researchers:

    Not what you expect! This is what turns up in a Yahoo! Akhenaten search.

A non-traditional opera by the amazing musician Philip Glass. See our news about this opera coming to Boston soon!
A fiction tale about Nefertiti. 
I'm not quite sure what this is.   I don't think I'll ever figure it out.
The Web Page of Akhenaten returned from the dead, as far as I can tell.
    It's constantly amazing to me what our meagre knowledge of the great Pharaoh inspires people to invent.  This particularly outrageous page tells us, among other things, where to dig for Akhnaton's tomb, which we will discover to be made of transparent stone.

Queen Tiye is apparently a cat as well as a Queen.  This is a handsome cat, though.

Wow, and Nefertiti's a Dog!

I had no idea.

I wonder what she sings.

Apparently Akhnaton is a city -- and not just any city, but the "Centrum voor Wereldcultuur"! Actually I'm not even sure this is a city, or even that the language is Dutch...

Just as it says. Click here for a picture of the SysOp, Echnaton.

Don't forget to check out the Merchandise Links for more fun...


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