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The Scandal of the Century : The Mansoor Amarna Expose by Christine Mansoor. -- The controversial history of the Mansoor Amarna collection (www.amarna.com). This book can be found online at www.scandalofthecentury.com.

The Royal Tombs at el-Amarna by Geoffrey Thorndike Martin

See Inside an Egyptian Town (See Inside) by R.J. Unstead -- Delightful children's book with copious illustrations.

Sun Dreamer : The Mystical Love Story of King Akhenaten by Azura

Moses : Pharoah of Egypt : The Mystery of Akhenaten Resolved by Ahmed Osman

King Sun: in search of Akhenaten by Joy Collier

Art from the Age of Akhenaten by Richard A. Fazzini

Amarna, city of Akhenaten and Nefertiti: key pieces from the Petrie Collection by Julia Samson

Akhenaten Temple Project : The Excavation of Komel Ahjmar by Redford

Akhenaten Temple Project : Rwd Mnw, Foreigners and Inscriptions by Donald Redford

Akhenaton Temple Project : Initial Discoveries by Donald Redford, Ray Smith

Akhenaten and Nefertiti; [Catalog of an exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences] by Cyril Aldred

Tell El Amarna and the Bible by Charles F. Pfeiffer

Tell El Amarna by W. M. Flinders Petrie

Syria and Egypt : From the Tell El Amarna Letters by W.M. Flinders Petrie

El-Amarna tablets, 359-379 : suppl. to J. A. Knudtzon, Die El-Amarna-Tafeln

Amarna Reliefs from Hermopolis in American Collections by John D. Cooney

Nefertiti and Cleopatra: Queen-Monarchs of Ancient Egypt by Julia Samson

The Memphite tomb of ˛Horem˛heb, commander-in-chief of Tut░ankhamňun by Geoffrey Thorndike Martin

Egypt's Dazzling Sun : Amenhotep III and His World by Arielle P. Kozloff, Betsy M. Bryan, Lawrence M. Berman, bets Bryan

The late New Kingdom in Egypt (c. 1300-664 B.C.) : a genealogical and chronological investigation by M. L. Bierbrier

Nefertiti graffiti : comments on an exhibition

The Life and Times of Akhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt by Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall

Ikhnaton: legend and history by Frederick John Giles

Return to Thebes by Allen Drury -- Fiction

A God Against the Gods by Allen Drury -- Fiction

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Featured General Scholarly Children's Fiction
Multimedia Miscellaneous Out-of-Print Ancient Egypt Selection

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